Pycom Hackathon (Eindhoven) 17 June 2017

  • I know we're supposed to send questions regarding the Pycom Hackathon on 17 June 2017 in Eindhoven via e-mail to @Bettina, but I just wanted to raise the question here in public: why is Alex ( @bucknall ) not coming over?!
    He could record the sessions he does there and have material for at least 2-3 more episodes of Alex's Corner. :)

  • I personally hate it when people cancel last minute for an event, been in that position as organizer more than once, but I simply have to make some calendar choices for this Saturday. It is one of those “busy parents with busy children and full schedules” kind of things. So I won't be seeing all of you in Eindhoven.
    Sorry guys :(

  • @PiAir Yes, I will be there!

  • I am (but that was kind of obvious given the topic). Although I'm still not sure I'm the intended audience for the event, it is almost in my backyard, so...

    I think @RobTuDelft was also planning on attending?

  • So who's going to the hackaton? raises hand

  • administrators

    @PiAir Thanks!

  • @bucknall Ah, I fully understand. I would also prefer San Francisco over Eindhoven anytime. Have a safe trip! :)

  • administrators

    Hi @PiAir, I'm actually traveling to San Francisco that weekend for a Pycom/Sigfox/Microsoft event on the following Monday! I would have loved to have been there to help out but unfortunately, the turnaround time didn't work out. You will have the support of our engineering team who are also very qualified to help you with problems and questions!

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