No Wifi connection on boot

  • Hi,

    it tried all example and tutorials but my LoPy is not connecting to wifi after a reset. The problem is always the same - it tries and fails. If i interrupt the script after a failed connection and paste the connect() to the REPL it is connecting fine, so basiclly my settings / credentials are fine.

    here is my current wifi code:

    known_nets = {
            # SSID : PSK (passphrase)
            'waterworld': '​secretkey'
        } # change this dict to match your WiFi settings
    # test needed to avoid losing connection after a soft reboot
    if machine.reset_cause() != machine.SOFT_RESET:
        from network import WLAN
        wl = WLAN(mode=WLAN.STA)
        while not wl.isconnected():
            print("new round")
            for ssid, bssid, sec, channel, rssi in wl.scan():
                # Note: could choose priority by rssi if desired
                    print("trying to connect to " + ssid)
                    wl.connect(ssid, (sec, known_nets[ssid]), timeout=5000)
                    if not wl.isconnected():
                except KeyError:
                    pass # unknown SSID

    The funny thing on my code is now, after a reinit, th LoPy doesn't find my network anymore, so after that is goes to an endless loop.

    What am i doing wrong?
    Thanks for help!

  • @livius First i tried it in - then i moved it to Both with no success. Then i had an idea. I'm using a FritzBox with Wifi on 2.4 and 5 GHz with the same ssid. I think this is the root cause. I enabled the guest AP and tried to connect to this - and this is working. So at least i have workaround for me! But anyway , thanks a lot for your help!

  • @poebler
    one more question. Where you put this code? In
    If yest - move it to and back withresults.

  • @markN Hi, Thanks for your help! I tried it - but again with no success!

  • @poebler said in No Wifi connection on boot:
    I had a similar problem connecting to my home wifi network using the standard wifi code example.
    After some experimentation I found that a short wait immediately after the line containing "wlan.connect(...)" cured the issue in my code. I assume this may be a bug, possibly some kind of internal race condition between wlan.connect() and wlan.isconnected().
    If its the same problem this extra line in your code might help.

                wl.connect(ssid, (sec, known_nets[ssid]), timeout=5000)

  • @livius tried it. no success :(

  • @poebler said in No Wifi connection on boot:

    if it is not connecting a static IP won't help

    Sometimes it help ;-)

  • @livius I'm at work so i can try it first this evening. But the connect methods returns after the 5 sec timeout and if it is not connecting a static IP won't help :/

  • @poebler
    what if you add debug info

    wl.connect(ssid, (sec, known_nets[ssid]), timeout=5000)
    if not wl.isconnected():

    show debug info
    and what if you change connection as static IP?

    # go for fixed IP settings (IP, Subnet, Gateway, DNS)
    wlan.ifconfig(config=('', '', '', ''))

    any change?

  • @livius tried this also - no change :/

  • @poebler
    what happened if you change this line
    wl.connect(ssid, (sec, known_nets[ssid]), timeout=5000) to

    wl.connect(ssid=ssid, auth=(sec, known_nets[ssid]), timeout=5000)


  • @livius 1.7.3.b2

  • @poebler
    i was wrong in first post.
    You do not pass None - you got error on dictionary key access and not tried to connect
    then problem must be somewhere else.

    But first question should be - what is your firmware version?


  • Hi,
    thanks for your reply. This could be a problem - but not the initial one, that i find my network but i'm not able to connect though my credentials are right and a manual connect succededs ...

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @poebler
    You loop throught all networks in range
    but you pass parameter only for known network

    wl.connect(ssid, (sec, known_nets[ssid]), timeout=5000)

    for unknown you pass None - i suppose this can be a problem here
    i known that you include try except - but here it is reall wrong.
    change your logic and
    check before connect if this is known network if not then do not try to connect to it

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