Connection to LoPy through Pysense fails

  • Hello,

    Using a LoPy connected through a Pysense board, once the REPL prompt over serial is reached, the connection stops after a few seconds and Pymakr console outputs the following error:

    Failed to connect (Error: Error: Broken pipe, cannot drain). Click here to try again.

    This error is not reproduced when reaching the REPL prompt with minicom.

    This error is not reproduced in Pymakr when using an expansion board instead of a Pysense board.

    Thank you.

    NB: I have initially reported the issue on the Pymakr-Atom git repository.

  • A temporary fix: downgrade Pymakr Atom package from version 1.0.2 to version 1.0.1.
    Curious to know where the problem lies in version 1.0.2 for my LoPy-Pysense combo.

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