How to create a new project with the PyMakr plugin

  • I now have the PyMakr plugin working in VSCode, however it only works in the 32 bit version.

    When I try to sync my files, I get the error No Project Open. However I can not find anywhere in the plugin that allows you to create a new project.

    Can anyone advise how I create a project and sync it with my board.

  • To upload a whole project to the pycom board with Visual Studio Code, one has to the File > Open Folder command. Choose the folder where all your .py files are in, e.g.,, and so on.
    By opening the folder instead of a single file, the IDE and pymakr recognizes all files and interprets them as project.

    It took me ages to understand how this works... There are so many tutorials and guides around pycom, but there is not guide going through really ALL steps.

  • Well I'm also sitting in front of vsc, trying to get familiar with the pymakr plugin. The docs are not that intuitive by far. Still haven't figured out how to create a new project.

    I think one has to create a new directory on PC, and, isn't it? What are the next steps?

  • Make sure at least your is selected in VS code. Also, if the error is no project open, did you create a project with a file?
    There are a number of examples to go through from the documentation HERE

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