• Hi There!
    I have just received my first wipy and realised I forgot to add the expansion board to the order. So no easy way to upgrade.
    After some internet surfing and so on, I decided to use a UART converter I had around based on CP2102 chipset.

    So far I can connect to the usb port on uart mode and I get the >>> prompt from python and I can interact with python interpreter.

    When it comes down to upgrade the unit with the pycom upgrader tool.... problems come.

    I connect pin G23 (4th left of LED on top) to GND so led stops blinking. Try to use the tool but allways fails to connect on the log. Tried slow and fast speed...

    I just may not even need to upgrade but really bugs me I can not make this work...

    BTW I am using MACbook pro retina if makes sense to state it, just in case.

    Hope you can drop some light on this guys :)

  • @robert-hh Hi Robert, You gave the point I was not using the reset button but powering off and on.
    After using the reset button I had the ready to upload and now is upgrading.
    Thank you!

  • @deadpixel Did you reset the device after connecting G23 to GND?
    You can tell is the device is in the right mode by looking at the message transfered on the UART. It should look like:

    ets Jun  8 2016 00:22:57
    waiting for download

    Obviously, you have the to disconnect the the terminal emulator before starting the upgrade.

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