Connecting GPS antenna and a DHT22 to my expansion board2.0/LoPy?

  • Hello,

    I'm in a project where I have to communicate data like position, temperature and humidity trough TTN. So I connected a DHT22 to the expansion Board using a breadboard
    I was asking myself can I connect the gps antenna to the same breadboard and use the 3.3V pin to power the two modules (GPS antenna and DHT22)? without breaking or damaging them.
    I also though about putting the DHT22 on a PyTrack/LoPy but their is no pin for additional module. Maybe someone know a way to do it?

  • @gmaitre The 3.3 V output can supply up to 1 A current, so supplying a DHT22 and GPS module should not be a problem.
    The PyTrack board has an additional connector on the bottom, with some GPIO pins exposed, for instance P10 (G17) and P11 (G22). These could be used to connect the DHT22.

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