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  • Re: Pymakr... Time of Death : 09/02... ;-)
    I am new to configuring the Lopy, and I started out with the Pymakr which I learnt later through this forum that its outdated. I am not able to also use Atom, the Pymakr plugin is not getting installed. Is there a way I can use the Filezilla client to upload the program code on to the lopy's? Please help me out as some of the documentation steps seem confusing.

  • @snehasg95 I had the same issue with Atom not installing Pymakr plugin however this has been resolved in a new patch.
    I strongly recommend trying again to install Atom with the Pymakr plugin.

  • @snehasg95 The ftp server is provided by built-in software in the LoPy. This is independent on whther the WiFi of the Lopy is configured as AP or STA. If configured as AP, you
    a) first have to change the WiFi setting s of your PC to connect to that AP. The password '' is used for that step
    b) Once that is done, you can make the connection between the ftp client, e.g. Filezilla, and the ftp server, which is lopy. use the credentials 'micro' as user name and 'python' as password.
    c) Once the ftp connection is established with filezilla (or Fireftp), you have a nice double pane view, where simply can shift files forth and back, like in an usual file explorer.

  • Thanks for the information you shared. After configuring the settings as instructed in the manual. I should be uploading the code on to the I wish to establish the LORA communication between two lopy devices. Kindly clarify how the code uploading happens if I were to use a FTP client, like Filezilla. Also is there a way I will be able to view the SSID of my lopy device( I can only view a FCC Id on the lopy). How would I enable the access point for my lopy using this? I believe Filezilla will onky work when I am connected to a server (that is the access point of the Lopy)

  • @snehasg95 Yes, you can use any FTP client, like FileZilla, Fireftp or on Linux or MAC the command line ftp. Follow the instructions in the manual
    FileZilla is a little bit tricky, since the fast connect does not work. You have to go into the server manager, define the server properties, and, not to forget, set on the second tab of the server properties page the number of session to 1.
    I personally prefer the Firefox plugin Fireftp. If by change you use firefox anyhow, this is most convenient.

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