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  • Hi there, i am new to pycom device. I am confuse after i read through the pycom.docs. After i have installed the libraries of the pytrack .py file and i navigate the related .py for pytrack in a new folder. I have few questions.

    1. Is it correct to add the regarding pytrack libraries folder in the atom software?
    2. How to upload the libraries to our pycom device?
    3. Where can i get the below files to add in the libraries folder?
    4. How to get main.py ?


    appreciate for your help :)

  • @mj If you are familiar with Python: when you import functionality (with the import statement), from another file (known as a module), you don't have to specify the exact path of the module. The Python run-time will actually look for the imported file in the paths as specified by sys.path.

    Be sure to read this as it might be helpful for you.

  • Hi @RobTuDelft , i still have a little bit confuse on that. I go the File and click add new folder and i place my .py file in the pytrack lib folder. I have this :


    Is it correct? And i wanna add the GPS feature to the pytrack so i just go to setting either to sync folder or sync the file. Is it better for me to sync all the pytrack libraries( L76GNSS.py, LIS2HH12.py, pytrack.py) to the pytrack board?

  • You can place the library files wherever you like, but /flash/lib is in the sys.path by default so it is easy to use. If you use another location, e.g. /flash/pytrack you would do:

    import sys

    Just add a project in Atom (only one) and add the required folders and then sync the project to your Pycom device. You can also use an FTP client like Filezilla to transfer your scripts and libraries.
    You can just create a new main.py on your computer from within the same project. That will then also be included in the sync.

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