[Solved] TTN Gateway status not connected for LoRaWAN

  • Hello,

    I have been trying to follow the instructions for LoraWAN Gateway as here:

    I am not having much luck and not sure why. I am in Australia and I am using the meshed network, labelling it in my config.py as router.thethings.meshed.com.au. I am connecting via mobile hotspot (If anyone knows how to connect to eduroam that would also be very helpful) and it connects and even shows a connection on my phone. The REPL seems to indicate that I have connected to the LoraWAN nano gateway however nothing is happening on the things network gateway overview.

    I have googled through other people having the same problem at some stages but yet to decipher how they fixed their problem.

    This is what shows in REPL

    I also had this come up at one stage:

    When I went out for lunch my hotspot disconnected and I returned to a lot of messages saying Failed to pull/push uplink/downlink packets to/from server 118.



  • @dylan Instant connection, I left my Gateway on The Things Network as the meshed router, but changed the server in my config.py to router.au.thethings.network.
    Thank you :).

  • @jmarcelino I did see that around but it doesn't come up in the list of routers on The Thing Network Gateway setup, I saw somewhere that someone used the meshed network, made sense as the address ends in a .au. I'll try router.au.thethings.network and see what happens.


  • @dylan
    Why are you using the Meshed router? I’m not familiar with that option.

    The official TTN router for Australia is router.au.thethings.network have you tried it?

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