How connect Expansion Board with Pysense

  • Hi, is it possible using wires to connect Expansion Board (with already connected LoPy) with Pysense Board?
    I want to use Pysense sensors, LoPy and Arduino together and this seems to be only way, when connect LoPy on Extension Board and Extension Board with Pysense and also Arduino, or is it impossible to do something like that?

  • Yes, of course, i have level coverter from 5 to 3,3V,
    so solution: using pin 9 and 10 for SD card
    and pins 5,6,7,8 can be used as UART RX/TX. following my code implementation?

  • @wink624
    Pin 9 and 10 are shared with the SD card so you if you use the SD card you can't use them.

    Also make sure your signals are 3.3 Volts! Many Arduinos use 5V levels - this will cause damage to the LoPy. Check first what your Arduino uses and if necessary use a level converter.

  • So, i can use some of 10 pins (concrete pins 5-10) from External IO Header for communication with Arduino, yes?

  • @wink624 said in How connect Expansion Board with Pysense:

    on the other hand when i plug in LoPy on Expansion Board then i can connect also another devices

    There will be no plug and play with the PySense board. You have to solder wires to the board. Below the *Py are some points for this. Have a look into the board layout of the documentation. There you will see which pins (beside the UART) are left for your own use.

  • @wink624
    Not all pins are used.
    alt text

    But you must specify how many pins do you need and for what?
    And also remember about voltage if your arduino is 5V you must addapt voltage to 3V3 levels

  • I need connect Arduino with LoPy and when i plug in LoPy into Pysense then all pins are used,
    on the other hand when i plug in LoPy on Expansion Board then i can connect also another devices
    because Expansion Board has second lines for wiring

  • @wink624
    If you mean by connect - communicate
    then yes, you have many possibilities.
    e.g. connect it by UART.
    If you need only simple signal like on of then connect single pin.

    But for what do you use here expansion board if you have pysense?

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