Reliability of pytrack

  • I'm trying to finish a project wit the lopy, but after running the program for an hour of two it crashes:, line 212, in button_pressed, line 141, in peek_memory, line 106, in _write
    OSError: I2C bus error

    The first question would be why?
    What made it decide to crash while it was running for two hours straight?
    Was the root cause the PIC microcontroller on the pytrack create the problem or was it micropython running on the ESP32?

    The pytrack uses a microcontroller for USB/SERIAL conversion and a few other things too. Why is the schematic not published? The peeking/poking in the code is not very descriptive on what is going on.

    The button_pressed is polled to see if a button is pressed and then stops the loop it is running in. On itself it seems a big waste of energy to use I2C to poll for a button, so now I'm hooking up a separate switch to overcome this and forget about the button.

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