Atom/pymakr sync file types

  • I use Atom with the pymakr plugin. The pymakr.conf-file contains a setting "sync_file_types". I have removed txt from the list, but i still upload txt files. Is this expected? A bug? Something I have done wrong?

    "address": "COM4",
    "username": "micro",
    "password": "python",
    "sync_folder": "",
    "open_on_start": true,
    "sync_file_types": "py,log,json,xml",
    "ctrl_c_on_connect": false


  • @goldfishalpha No, I just moved the txt-files outside the project folder. That is good enough for me.


  • @johand I have exactly same problem but with the pymakr file being uploaded.
    (It isn't clear to me wether or not it is intended to be uploaded to the device)

    I know this is an old post but... did you find any solution?

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