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    I was able to connect my NanoGateway to TTN, then I connected a node and i no had problems, however, now I am having problems to connect the node, when I start the node the following messages appear in the NanoGateway:

    [ 884.453] Received packet: {"rxpk": [{"data": "ABeYANB+1bNwQfHGnEnVs3BtML tNbMI=", "time": "2018-02-14T15:38:34.160580Z", "chan": 0, "tmst": 860755474, "s tat": 1, "modu": "LORA", "lsnr": 5.0, "rssi": -20, "rfch": 0, "codr": "4/5", "fr eq": 903.9001, "datr": "SF7BW125", "size": 23}]}
    [ 884.710] Push ack
    [ 887.718] Pull ack
    [ 889.710] Pull rsp
    [ 890.633] Sent downlink packet scheduled on 866.755, at 923.299 Mhz using SF12BW500: b' yZ\xe2\xb8 \x 191\xc3NL\xc7/\xba+\xf4\xc4'

    but the node is still getting "not joined yet", I am using the 915 Mhz.

    can somebody help me please?


  • @seb thank you, it connects faster.

  • Have you tried placing the nodes further apart from each other?

  • I have already been able to connect it, I have disconnected the nanogateway and the node of the power and I have reconnected them again, and they have connected, I would like to know what could be the problem since the frequencies, the message in the nanogateway is

    [ 137.369] Received packet: {"rxpk": [{"data": "ABeYANB+1bNwQfHGnEnVs3BV29+tAQI=", "time": "2018-02-14T16:13:48.5503Z", "chan": 0, "tmst": 136332568, "stat": 1, "modu": "LORA", "lsnr": 2.0, "rssi": -22, "rfch": 0, "codr": "4/5", "freq": 903.9001, "datr": "SF7BW125", "size": 23}]}
    [ 137.626] Push ack
    [ 138.115] Pull ack
    [ 142.628] Pull rsp
    [ 143.434] Sent downlink packet scheduled on 142.332, at 923.299 Mhz using SF12BW500: b' \xf7}\x9d}\xe1\x8e\xae\x81\x9fnXz\xab\x84$\x0c'

    I could see that the time is different to my country, could it be the problem?

    thank you

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