LoPy DevEUI set to 0000000000000000

  • Hello,

    The first time I got the LoPy DevEUI (dev_eui = binascii.hexlify(network.LoRa().mac())), it was a normal DevEUI type (70b3d549XXXXXXXX). A day after, it was 00000000000000.

    What could have occured to erase the hardcoded DevEUI of the LoPy?


  • I have the same problem after upgrading to release='1.16.0.b1', version='v1.8.6-849-055728a on 2018-02-13'
    now I have to do a wlan init (and wlan deinit) to get the mac address
    firmware bug?

  • I am using following script to set arbitrary DevEUI:

    fo = open("/flash/sys/lpwan.mac", "wb")

    Then reboot the device.
    "b44b2bdfea11fdb9" is an example of arbitrary DevEUI

  • Could you please email me your wifi mac address to sebastian@pycom.io. You can get this by running:

    from network import WLAN
    import binascii

  • @seb
    I used the Firmware update tool (last version) before loading any code on the board
    I also flashed the board with the mkfs command

  • Have you performed any firmware updates, or tried to flash your own firmware?

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