sending data from Arduino with LoPy to GUI (Visual Basic/VB.Net)

  • Hello I'm newbie here
    I want to send my data from arduino and display it to my GUI that I use is visual basic with LoPy and then data will save in my database (mysql). Can someone explain me what I must to do and the code to send data from arduino to LoPy and to my GUI?

  • @seb thankyou so much 😉

  • @fajriansyah

    If you need to send data directly between two lopy modues I recommend you check out the following example code:

  • @seb I make monitoring solar charger with arduino which is data from solar charger like voltage and current will processed in arduino, and then the data from arduino will communicat with lora to lopy, after that lopy send data to my GUI with wifi.
    p.s: I use 2 LoPy

  • @fajriansyah


    Firstly could you explain the purpose of the arduino in this system? It's quite likely that it is not required and you can program the lopy to directly perform the required actions. Secondly there are many ways you can transfer data from the LoPy to a computer depending on your use case:

    • USB: You can use a usb UART (such as the pycom expansion board/pysense/pytrack) to send data by just using print and then have your GUI application read it from the COM port
    • WiFi: You use sockets to send data between your module and you GUI over your network
    • BLE: You could connect your device to your computer via BLE and have the GUI read the data this way
    • LoRa: If your module is very far away from the computer you could send data via LoRaWAN and then receive the data from the lora network into your GUI e.g. via MQTT

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