Heads up on our #GOINVENT WORLD SERIES....

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    Hi All,

    I’m excited to let you all know (prior to going properly public!) that we’re planning a Series of 15-16 Workshop-style Hackathons for our 180k+ developer community.
    The aims to get everyone rolling, hands-on with their IoT projects.
    You’ll see below that we’ve placed a chunk of events in each region to make sure we see as many of you as possible when we’re ‘en route’.

    We can’t wait!
    These events are similar to some of our previous 1-day Hackathon/Workshops, but now include Pybytes and with a focus on full integrated IoT stack, including networks too. This is to enable all of our participants to walk away with a working project which includes hardware, LoRa, Sigfox and or cellular IoT network connectivity as well as use of a middleware platform (either Pycom or a partner platform or a combination of the two).

    …. and now have dates in place for most of the events, as follows:

    Amsterdam	        Netherlands	FRIDAY 29 JUNE 2018
    Paris 		        France		MONDAY 11 JUNE 2018
    Berlin 		        Germany	        MONDAY 21 MAY 2018
    Madrid 	                Spain		MONDAY 07 JULY 2018
    London	                UK		MONDAY 16 JULY 2018
    Boston		        USA		MONDAY 01 OCTOBER 2018
    San Francisco	        USA		JANUARY 2019
    Los Angeles	        USA		FRIDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 2018
    Seattle		        USA		TBA
    Chicago	                USA		WEDNESDAY 03 OCTOBER 2018
    Beijing		        China		WEDNESDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2018
    Shanghai	        China		MONDAY 19 NOVEMBER 2018
    Melbourne 	        Australia	MONDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2018
    Sydney		        Australia	FRIDAY 15 NOVEMBER 2018
    Singapore	        Singapore	MONDAY 5 SEPTEMBER 2018
    Austin		        USA		FRIDAY 05 OCTOBER 2018

    And, we’re not alone. These co-hosted workshops are for up to 100 attendees will be co-hosted with some of our partners. We’ve already hooked up with some great sponsors including Espressif (for the whole series). We’ll be announcing the other partners soon.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up...

    Best wishes
    Bettina and The Pycom Team

  • Hey @Bettina are these events going ahead?

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    @philwilkinson Hi Phil, I'll be managing the registrations and will be putting some efforts into this program shortly....still very short staffed here :-) If you would like to pre-register for workshop/hackathon info and updates you can do so here:


    There's going to be a date reshuffle too.
    I'll be posting again over the coming days.

    Best wishes

  • @bettina thanks for the advance information. While I am distressed that you are not visiting my home city of Perth (!) I am happy you have a couple of stopovers in my region..!
    -When will we be able to book a place on these workshops? Are Pycom managing the booking process?
    -Are the Australian and Singapore workshops linked to any other events in those cities?


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