ssh to rpi compute module 3 over wifi using FiPy

  • Hello Team,
    This problem is posted already but did not get complete solution.

    YES true that compute module does not have wifi or BT , so only we go with UART connection, and i have connected the fipy and RPI compute module via UART. But how shall ssh to RPI compute module and access the RPI file structure.

    After the serial connection now i want to send data within the RPI compute module to server. How to do this??
    Please reply as soon as possible. Help will be really appreciated.

    Thank You

  • @Nazz

    Will need to do the opposite of what you've done here, send from the RPi, recvieve on the FiPy (see here:, and then do what ever sending you require.

  • @seb
    Yes i have used uart to send data from FiPy to RPI , below code am running on atom

    from machine import UART
    # this uses the UART_1 default pins for TXD and RXD (P3 and P4)
    uart = UART(1, baudrate=9600)
    while True:
    uart.write('some string')
    print("Data sent from FiPy to Rpi")

    Later i need to send same data from RPI compute to server. How should i do that??

    Thank You

  • @nazz

    You will need to implement some protocol where you send data to the FiPy over uart and the FiPy then send that data onwards.

  • @seb
    Thank you for your response, yes agreed that we can connect FiPy UART to RPI and do the operations, but later to send data from RPI to server we need WiFi and compute module does not have WiFi. So how to send data to server.

    Thank You

  • @nash

    Is there a particular reason you need to use "ssh"? You could connect the FiPy UART to the serial console output (which you have to enable) on the RPi but then you would need to parse the command line, e.g. ignoring the prompt and DMESG.

    I imagine it would be much easier to communicate between the RPi and FiPy using a python script and pyserial

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