Fresh install on VS Code: broken

  • Hi pycom,

    I was just following the install process on Mac (10.13.5) and a freshly downloaded version of VS Code (1.25.1). Nothing else is installed in vs code (no other extensions)

    After I install the pymakr package as described here: it starts constantly flashing the following messages:

    The terminal process command 'node /Users/tycho/.vscode/extensions/pycom.pymakr-1.0.0/terminalExec.js 1784' failed to launch (exit code: 1)

    At about a rate of 2 per second..

    Could you please have a look at it? If you need any info or logs just let me know.

    By the way it works fine in Atom but I kinda prefer VS Code now :)

  • @ulwur could you post your version numbers? (VSCode, Operating System, Pymakr)

  • I have the same issue. VS Code in now totally broken!

    Node.js is installed, and it worked good just a week ago.

    Reinstalled node.js and pymakr plugin, but same result.

  • Hi @Tycho
    it happened to me in Windows while upgrading VS Code to 1.28.0 and it is caused by missing NodeJS installed on your system (MacOS)in addition to the NodeJS extension (VS Code).

    So in short try this:

    • Uninstall Pymakr package in VS Code
    • download and install NodeJS for your MacOS here
    • Install Pymakr package in VS Code
      and solved.

    As reference VS Code versions and extensions in my system.



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