TX/RX only console upgrade (Pymark) does not work with V1.9 firmware?

  • I designed lot of custom boards to handle lopy's for customers. On each board to be able to update and get control, I added a classic FTDI 6 pins connector.

    As you can see schematics below can't be simpler


    Everything is working fine, when on atom + pymakr can upload code without any problem with safe-boot or not activated.

    But this is working only for firmware 1.8 I tried several time to use with firmware 1.9 and I see my soft output on pymark console (the print I do on my code), but each time I'm trying an upload, it stuck, it reset the device then block, no file are updated or whatever and I need to reset the device with reset button.
    I tried with Lopy and Lopy4 same effect.

    Did I missed something ? It's really anoying because I need to stay in V1.8 since my devices are on field with customers. And not being able to update firmware remotely with them when doing tests is a real issue.

    Here are some screenshot of the issue with V1.19


    And with version V1.8 all is fine

  • This issue is discussed on GitHub here

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