Create Wireless sensor network interfacing BLE module and Gas sensors WIPY

  • Hello, just for testing we are using Gas sensor is connected with ESP32 BLE module to send data wirelessly to WIPY device we are trying to create wireless sensor network which can run under private connection as well as send data of sensor to internet clouds also any suggestion to create this network by making the communication between different Bluetooth transmitters with a single receiver connected with single receiver by connecting it with WIPY, but never experimented this kind of work before so looking for you leads to make this kind of solutions which will be very helpful.

  • Hi @nobo23

    Are you trying to connect multiple sensors to the WiPy and communicate with them via Bluetooth? Connecting multiple BLE nodes to the WiPy is possible. You can find our BLE examples here. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

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