Stubborn Wifi name... want the defaults...

  • So I have a LoPy4 that I've used with Pybytes a few times, and now I want it to go back entirely to factory defaults and default AP. So I've removed everything from the file system, including the pybytes JSON, removed the device from the pybytes web interface, removed the Wifi network from the web interface AND re-flashed the board with the "stable" firmware, yet somehow, from somewhere, the old Wifi name and credentials are being preserved on this seemingly blank LoPy, only as hot-spot details for the LoPy, rather than as the network it was directed at long ago.

    All I'm trying to achieve is to get back to a default LoPy4, with the defauly wifi AP... Help?!

  • Just got around to getting back to this issue - thanks so much Xykon, problem solved!

    robert-hh: I did do erase during update yep, a few times, but eventually was solved with advice from the post above :)

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    @dan0h Please use the following code:

    import pycom

    After a reset you should have the original SSID/Password back.

  • @dan0h Using the updater, did you try the erase during update option? You have to check the advanced options to get that.
    Otherwise, you can do a full flash erase with

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