Update LTE-M issues Australia

  • Using release 1.18.1.r1 and sequans firmware provided by CATM1-38638.zip. Have reviewed many of the other topics regarding this issue but now seem a little stale regarding SW revisions and supposed work being undertaken by Telstra in particular. What is the current status of this issue, and how do you use the required commands to access the network? There also appears to be no response when issuing an AT command. In reply to a command a ' ' response is only ever received .

  • @dan An empty string is returned in cases, when the LTE modem takes longer than 10 seconds to respond. Sending an empty AT command (lte.send_at_command('')) may show such a late resonse.

  • @davidchallender Hi, if Telstra is using band 8, please check this post. When sending AT commands, you never get anything back, or it returns '' for specific commands?

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