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  • Hello,
    I wonder if there is any malfunction on Pybytes website today. My Pysense/LoPy4 is programmed to upload all its parameters once a minute through WiFi. By following code execution, it all appears to be working properly, but on Pybytes DATA page, only si.temperature() and si.dew_point() are automatically shown on UNDEFINED SIGNALS section (respectivelly channels 1 and 3). Furthermore, only si.temperature() is being updated once a minute. Neither of the other parameters are even listed on that page.

    Any hint on this is appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • @cirobr glad that got it fixed for you.

    Not sure if it was a case of overload. More just having time to develop rate limiting that never existed previously.

  • Hello. Fix is confirmed, by simply adding sleep(1) in between each send_virtual_pin_value() instruction. All 14 signals are back there.

    Was this change on server side triggered by overload?

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for the feedback. OK that might explain, as the code worked quite well for many months. Total 14 signals. Let me add some sleep in between and see what happens.

  • Hello, how many different signals (e.g. send_virtual_pin_value() calls) are you sending at once (per minute), please?

    We have implemented the rate limiter which allows sending just one signal per device per second.

    Maybe you will need to adjust your python code to sleep between send_virtual_pin_value() calls

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