Development release 1.20.0.rc3 and LittleFS Upload problems

  • I have a number of Lopy boards on Pysense and see issues uploading from Atom/Pymakr when the latest 1.20.0.rc3 has been flashed to the Lopy with the LittleFS. I see the error "Failed to write file, trying again..."
    This happens at the 3rd file.
    Reflashing and selecting FatFS and 'erase during update' has no problems uploading the code afterwards.

    As soon as I select LittleFS I have problems.

    Any ideas?



  • Does this always fail on the same 3rd file? How large is that file? I presume its a normal .py file and not some multi MB binary or something equally strange?

  • I got such problems with 1.19.*

    I solved it by uploading only as a script. All other files as bytecode (*.mpy).
    The error was not predictable. I assume that it is related to memory fragmentation. A cold boot in front of the upload showed less errors. I switched anyway to upload bytecode for stable code, because the compiler fragmented the memory too much for my buffersize.

  • @thinginnovation I have no problem uploading a complex file/directory structure using FileZilla to a device with Littfs. So the file system itself seems fine, and problem is in the interaction between Pymakr and MP and the way, Pymakr uploads files.

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