access TX/RX on fipy + pytrack :

  • Hello,

    Could you please explain me how to access the TX/RX of the fipy/pytrack. I would like to retrieve the data from the GPS and the Accelerometer data using UART but I'm not quite sure to understand how to proceed on the board.

    I just use Sigfox and the GPS/Accelerometer , and by default I deactivated the wifi/bt pycom.wifi_on_boot(False).


  • @testos Yes, you need to connect to the external IO header below the fipy. And you have to specify these Pins, when you open the UART, most likely UART1. On a Fipy, two of the three UARTs are already used by the firmware UART0 and maybe UART2. You have to try.

  • Hello @robert-hh,

    it's a bit related to my question last day in a different thread, I thought it could be better to create a dedicated one.

    You are right I could get the data from the USB but would like to send the data to pi zero. I do understand the "coding" part, what I don't understand is how should I do the wiring on the pytrack, I need to connect to the external IO header ?

    Thanks for your patience

  • @testos I do not understand you intention. If you use pytrack, the the UART/USB bridge will forward the communication over UART0 to the USB serial.
    If you want to use another UART for that, you have to open that, like:

    from machine import UART
    uart = UART(1, baudrate=19200, pins=('P9','P10'))

    Note that I reassigned the UART1 pins from their default assignment to P9 and P10 to avoid a conflict with the SD card.
    And then you can use uart.write() to send, to receive, uart.any() to tell, whether there is data in the input buffer, etc....

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