Is the L01 specsheet correct?

  • Hi all?
    I'm wondering a little bit, of some things in the L01 specsheet. On page 7 it is denoted that P20 (GPIO_33) is connected to the on-board RGB LED. This is probably a copy/paste error from the Lopy1 specsheet because the L01 has no LED.
    But if I now have a look in the schematics of the universal reference board, the RGB LED is connected to P2 (GPIO_0). As far as I understand, if I put a L01 on a universal reference board, I have a "Lopy1", isn't it?
    I think, the LED is connected to GPIO_0. Can someone confirm this. I have no Lopy or universal reference board here, to check it by myself.


  • @thosch42 The LED is indeed connected to P2 = GPIO0.

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