Does too much code and libraries uploaded lead to not launching ?

  • Hi, I'm facing an issue with my device.
    I uploaded a code and its libraries into my Pycom device. The architecture looks like this at the moment : 0_1548932771843_pycom.PNG
    However, it seems that the device is not running the code when I connect it to the computer. However, when I just have a simple code to display "Hello World" on my SSD1306 oled screen or just to blink the LED, the code does run. Which is why I was wondering if the code does not run when the board is "full"? In this case, what is the maximum of code we can upload until it does not work anymore ? Or maybe that is just not the reason of the problem ?
    Thanks for your answers.

  • Try to cross compile the lib folder.
    It may be a memory fragmentation problem, so you cannot allocate the needed buffer size.

  • @brossingo That depends on which board you use and how much memory each module needs. But looking at your screen shot, memory shortage is not likely the case, as @Paul-Thornton said.

    As a rule of thumb: unless your code allocates huge data structures, you can expect 10 lines of code/kByte to work fine. On a WiPy2 or LoPy1 this is about 500 lines of code, on all other boards it is about 25000. About twice that number if you pre-compile the code.

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    Hey there,

    Im pretty sure the board being full isnt the issue here. Just to clarify you mention it doesnt work when connected to a pc, does this mean it works when powered via battery?



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