[solved] PyBytes Flash - text modifying a file disappears after a second

  • I used to be able to manually develop code from within the Pybytes Flash tab. provided the file existed and I didn't sufficiently brick the device remotely.

    Today, I noticed that when I try to modify text, after about a second, the text I just entered disappears. If I want to put something in, I had to quickly paste and 'push changes' in quick succession.
    I thought maybe this was a quirk with the new device I just provisioned... so I went back to two prior devices and did the same thing... If I picked an existing file and changed something, it disappeared. Did something change with Pybytes website functionality?

    I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04

  • @dnear1 We deployed the fix now

  • Hi, @dnear1 thank you for reaching us. I have fix ready. and we're going to deploy the fix today.
    Sorry for the inconveniences. I will reply here while, we deployed it.

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