Lora modem limitations

  • Hello.

    The post that I am referring talked about lora send function hanging. Somebody mentioned that it might be caused because overpassing some functional or regulational restrictions (in Europe, duty cycle limit. Which doesn't apply in USA)

    I want to ask about such limitations. I couldn't find anything in the documents. (What are those limitations, what is the behavior if I oversend, etc)


    Sebastian Barillaro

    Re: LoPy L01 LoRaWAN blocking socket.send() hangs permanently

  • Thank you @jcaron for your fast response.

    I am in US-915.
    I am not asking about limitations imposed by regulations. I am asking what limitations are programmed in LoRa modem (whatever reasons, including FCC restrictions).
    I know I can check LoRaWAN stack source code. But I would prefer to read documentation instead to try inverse engineering.

    With best regards


  • @Barillaro It's probably easier if you state which region you're interested in, as the regulatory limits vary by region, and it can be a very complex subject.

    Many of the limitations are alluded to in the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters specification, and the details are in the regional regulations.

    You can also check the LoRaWAN stack source code for details.

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