Fipy Unable to Import LTE Library

  • Any idea on fixing this issue?
    The firmware upgrade was successful.

  • @tuftec Exactly! I cannot reduce the current consumption because LTE modems run all the time. Next Monday, I will go to the lab and check the current consumption of FiPy V1.2 to check whether lte.deinit() works.

  • @Bismarck501 I have no experience with Pysense so can not help here.
    The deinit command not working on V1.0 would explain why I observe that the unit runs warmer. More power due to LTE not turning off correctly?

  • @tuftec Thanks for responsing soon! I just tested FiPy V1.0r and V1.2 respectively and found that only V1.2 can execute the code:


    But V1.0r cannot execute this code.
    I used FiPy with pysense, will the firmware of pysense influence the FiPy and cause this issue?

  • @Bismarck501 I use commands very similar.
    There might be a Pycom documentation error that has tripped you up.

    I use lte.deinit(dettach=False)
    I also use lte.deinit()

    This does not throw any errors and appears to work on my later FiPy unit.
    Although, I do not have any way of confirming whether the device is still left attached/registered on the network after the deinit command.

    I am running the same main firmware and sequans firmware on both units.

    There appears to be some inconsistency with the detach or dettach commands in the documentation.

    I am not sure whether this has any bearing on what you are seeing.


  • @tuftec my version is FiPy V1.0r. But the problem is that my FiPy cannot execute the code

    lte.deinit(detach=True, reset=False)

    This code is ignored and passed.
    Other similar code such as:

    wlan = WLAN()
    bt = Bluetooth()

    They worked well and can reduce the current consumption. Do you have the same problem?

  • @Bismarck501 Hi. what version of FiPy do you have. Have a look at the version number under the module.

    I have seen very different performance between V1.0 and V1.2. My V1.0 device runs warm to touch even when in deepsleep (and after LTE.deinit).
    My V1.2 device appears to do what it is instructed and remains cool to touch.


  • @robert-hh emmmm, after I updated the firmware of FiPy to latest virsion 1.20.0.rc9(development), it still didn't work.

    from machine import UART
    import machine
    import os
    import network
    from network import WLAN, Bluetooth,LTE
    uart = UART(0, baudrate=115200)
    wlan = WLAN()
    bt = Bluetooth()
    lte.deinit(detach=True, reset=False)

    Although this issue would be ignored by the device and main code could work, these code:

    lte.deinit(detach=True, reset=False)

    didn't work at all after I measured the current.

  • @robert-hh Thanks for responsing! I will update my firmware to try again.

  • @Bismarck501 I have no problem with that line:
    lte.deinit(detach=True, reset=False)
    Firmware 1.20.0.rc8

    The source code for 1.18.x is the tśame with respect to the keyword arguments.

  • @robert-hh Hi, I had the same issue with FiPy+pysense in OTAA mode, and I found this problem when using Atom to try the code:

    This in


    The error apears like this:
    line 16:
    TypeError: function does not take keyword arguments

    I don't know how to do? Could you give me any idea?

  • @robert-hh I added
    "python.linting.pylintArgs": ["--disable=C0111,E0401,C0413,C0103,C0301,R0914,C1801,C0330,E1101"]
    in VScode. I would have liked to have some dummy libraries on the PC in order to retain the import checking, but found no easy way to do so.

  • @stephen-ugwuanyi Seeing pylint I assume that this error is shown in the Atom or VSCODE editor. You may ignore that. These Libraries are embedded into the Fipy module and are not accessible on the PC.

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