Get logged file via bluetooth on smartphone, possible?

  • Can you download a file/data to a smartphone via an existing Bluetooth File Transfer app?


    The idea is that (Lopy4) lora sent out the result of the processed data but we need some easy access to big/raw data when we are close by the device for improving the analysis on the lopy or try to figure out why it didn't work without having to connect a cable to the battery powered iot lora device.

  • @KenM You don't need an external antenna for Wi-Fi, you can use the onboard ceramic antenna exactly like BLE.

  • The idea was not having to write a new app, this suggestion would require an new app.
    also this would require also having a wifi antenna connected.

  • @KenM Hi, Lopy4 is BLE profile, with low power and low throughput, so i invite you to have different idea
    -Set Lopy 4 as BLE connectable advertiser with a RW characteristic
    -When you write in this characteristic a well known value switch On Lopy4 wifi
    -Connect to the wifi access point with your smartphone
    -By FTP download the file data from SD card/Flash
    -Switch off wifi by writing another value in your BLE characteristic.

    Even by programming bare-metal BLE microcontroler (other than ESP32) i cannot have a better throughput in file transfer than approx 4ko/sec in BLE, and all the function i use for doing this is missing in Lopy4 (please keep in mind that pycom documentation said "At present, basic BLE functionality is available")

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