FTP and REPL Telnet over LTE Internet interface? (Fipy/Gpy)

  • Hi, I use Emnify SIM cards which give me a virtual private cloud and a static IP address. I would like to be able to access the FTP server and or the Telnet REPL over the LTE interface.
    Is this possible?
    I cannot find any reference to this anywhere.

    Re: FTP over LTE

  • @kjm I think you get @RichardBH wrong. He does not want to use WiFi. He asked about REPL/FTP access over LTE when using a "normal" SIM and not a special IoT SIM.

    I don't use LTE, so don't trust me in this point: The answer shall be no for an out of the box device, because pycom doesn't support the full LTE stack.

  • @RichardBH That I'm not sure of. However given the ease with which Atom swaps from USB to adhoc wifi to STA wifi via a router when communicating with my gpy I'm guessing your chances would be good. I can't see any good reason for the designers to confine FTP/REPL to just USB/wifi bearers.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    Perhaps I should rephrase my question.
    I already have a static IP address assigned to the LTE, on a private WAN.
    (So my devices, will get a or something, which I can access in my private WAN.)
    But I want to know if the REPL telnet and FTP servers are accessible via the LTE interface as well as the WIFI interface?


  • Real time access over LTE is hard because the telcos use NAT. There are folks out there smart enough to pull it off though, eg dataplicity for the RPi works over LTE.

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