Connecting to NEO-M8N GPS

  • So eventually I gave up on PyTrack GPS and bought GNSS 5 CLICK dev board from MicroElektronika.
    Board information
    It has NEO-M8N GPS receiver that has aGPS (Assist GPS) with cold start (Time To First Fix) of about 25 sec. By all means looks like a great device...
    My problem is I have no clue how to physically connect it to FiPy. All I know is the range of available pins on FiPy:
    [Analog Input Pins on Expansion Board 3.1 that I use for FiPy are P13, P14, P17, P18 (G4, G5, G30, G31)].
    For some reason, however, it does not look relevant in that case. The boards has I2C and UART interfaces...

    So, I'd appreciate if any EE guru can tell me what I need to do to connect this dev board to FiPy...

    EDIT Dec 22. 2019:
    I found the answer here:
    which is P9 is for SDA and P10 is for SCL
    Is that correct?

    EDIT Dec 24, 2019:
    However, what is best or more simple - connecting over SCL and SDA pins (I2C) or over SPI/UART ?

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