Confusion on Atom projects, module locations, libraries, etc.

  • I'm having trouble understanding how to structure my files for programming my LoPy, using atom.

    First, should I make each program a separate project or can you have multiple programs within a project? If I define a directory item as a project, can I have other projects at lower subdirectories?

    My second question has to do with including modules. I tried to run an example from pycom-libraries-master. I opened the file and pressed the run icon. This returned an error "mportError: no module named 'config' "

    From a search of other posts here, it seems that needs to be in a lib directory, but where does that go and how do I specify its location? I tried copying it to a lib directory under the directory with the example and that didn't work.

    A related question is when using the REPL window, how do I import a non-standard file?

    Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide.

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