Guru Meditation Error:

  • Hello. I faced with problems while testing LTE modem on GPy. Modem is not able to find any network. I decided to update the LTE firmware but faced with problem. finishes with Guru Meditation Error.

    Backtrace translation is



    Moreover,'COM','xxx,dup') freezes on "Attempting AT wakeup..." and nothing happens.

    I tried to power GPy from both DC source and Li-Ion battery but behaviour was the same in both cases. How can I solve my problem and make LTE modem work?

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    As mentioned on the LTE modem firmware update page: the 5.2-48829 update is a two-step process. You'll first need to load file 1, and then file 2: :)

  • There are two files in archive provided by pycom: CATM1-5.2-48829-1.dup and CATM1-5.2-48829-2.dup. What should i do with CATM1-5.2-48829-2.dup ?

  • Now the process goes successfully.

    import sqnsupgrade'COM7','CATM1-5.2-48829-1.dup',debug=True)
    Welcome to the SQN3330 firmware updater [1.2.7] >>>
    File CATM1-5.2-48829-1.dup has size 416448
    file_path? CATM1-5.2-48829-1.dup mirror? False recover? False resume? False direct? False atneg_only? False bootrom? False load_fff? True
    baudrate: 921600 target_baudrate: 921600
    Setting port COM7
    Setting baudrate to 921600
    Initial prepartion complete...
    Loading CATM1-5.2-48829-1.dup
    Attempting AT wakeup... [921600]
    AT+BIND=AT returned b'\r\nOK\r\n'
    ATE0 returned b'\r\nOK\r\n'
    Entering upgrade mode...
    Sending AT+SMLOG?
    AT+SMLOG? returned b'\r\n+SMLOG: LOG_INHERIT\r\nOK\r\n'
    AT+SMOD? returned 2
    AT+SQNSUPGRADENTF="started" returned b'\r\n\r\nOK\r\n'
    Sending AT+SQNWL="sqndcc",2
    AT+SQNWL="sqndcc",2 returned b'\r\n+SQNWL: "sqndcc",2\r\n\r\nOK\r\n'
    Sending AT+CFUN=4
    AT+CFUN=4 returned b'\r\nOK\r\n\r\n+CEREG: 0\r\n'
    Starting STP [FFF]
    Sending AT+SMSTPU
    Starting STP code upload with pkgdebug=False
    running m.wipe
    running m.reset
    magic=0x74736166, op=0x80, sid=0x0, plen=0x0, tid=0x0, hcrc=0x0, pcrc=0x0
    Correct SRSP signature: 0x74736166
    running m.open_session
    Session opened: version 1, max transfer 8192 bytes
    running push(m)
    Sending 416448 bytes: [########################################] 100%
    running dev.set_timeout(2)
    running m.reset(True)
    start returned True type <class 'bool'>
    Code download done, returning to user mode
    Waiting for modem to finish the update...
    This might take several minutes!
    <<<=== DO NOT DISCONNECT POWER ===>>> [921600]
    AT+SMUPGRADE? returned b'\x00' [timeout: 0.4780917167663574]
    AT+SMUPGRADE? returned b'\r\n+SYSSTART\r\n' [timeout: 5.001538515090942]
    AT+SMUPGRADE? returned b'\r\n+SMUPGRADE: success\r\n\r\nOK\r\n' [timeout: 5.478849411010742]
    AT+SMSWBOOT? returned b'\r\nFFF\r\nOK\r\n'
    AT+SMUPGRADE? returned b'\r\n+SMUPGRADE: success\r\n\r\nOK\r\n'
    This is my result: success
    Sending AT+SQNSUPGRADENTF="success"
    AT+SQNSUPGRADENTF="success" returned b'\r\nOK'
    Your modem has been successfully updated.
    Here is the current firmware version:

    file_path? None mirror? False recover? False resume? True direct? True atneg_only? False bootrom? False load_fff? False
    baudrate: 921600 target_baudrate: 921600
    Setting port COM7
    Setting baudrate to 921600

    Bootloader0 : [43818]
    Bootloader1* : [48829]
    Bootloader2 : NA
    NV Info : 1.1,0,0
    Software : [43818] by robot-soft at 2019-05-29 15:58:56
    UE :
    ZSP0 : 1.0.99-13616
    ZSP1 : 1.0.99-12376

    IMEI: 354347097005992

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    The issue is only with (as you decoded, the closing of the ppp), and does not affect the rest of the modem operation, nor the update functionality.

    Concerning your issue with, could you add the debug=True flag in the command? This should give more insight in the AT commands being send. Note that you'll have to close the Pymakr connection to your Gpy.

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