FiPy Firmware Update Results in no REPL / serial response

  • After days of issue not being able to get MQTT working, I have attempted firmware updates on my FiPy. I just attempted to put the "Development" firmware back on (however there is no clear instruction I can find on how to do the "PyBytes Registration" so have skipped that).

    The latest "feature" is that the board longer has a REPL interface.

    I thought the firmware updated had killed the serial interface - but can reset the board and see the serial data output (in different modes as I connect G23 to GND on my Expansion board V2.1A). So it appears the board is no longer responding to serial commands (i.e. I can no longer just hit {Enter} and get a REPL ">>>" prompt any more).

    Here's the output (without the G23 GND jumper):


    Any assistance to get back to square one (factory default) would annoyingly be a big a step forward. Thanks in advance.

  • @Antman You can always load any firmware of your choice using the pycom downloader. That include the most recent PyBytes firmware versions.

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