• Unsure if it is a bug or a choice but as fare as I can see it is only possible to use the heartbeat function with the color blue?
    I could see applications where it would be nice to be able to change the heartbeat color.

  • @Lokefar

    firmware blinking blue indicate that all is ok
    firmware state red indicate problem..
    than changing "defaults" firmware colors are not avaiable

  • @livius I get that. I can turn the light on with a color without problem. My suggestion was that it was made possible to change the color of the heartbeat function (ie. the blinking light/firmware blinking). That way I wouldn't have to write a function for blinking lights but could use the one already in the firmware.

  • @Lokefar


    turn on fimware blinking - do not use it if you do not need default firmware state indicator only own one

    on start do


    and after this you can turn color by typing


  • @livius Just ran this code via the REPL:

    >>> pycom.heartbeat(True)
    >>> pycom.rgbled(0x007f00)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
    OSError: the requested operation is not possible

    As fare as I can see I have the latest firmware version.

  • @Lokefar said in pycom.heartbeat:


    it work for me

    pycom.rgbled(0x007f00) # green

    i have many state indicator in rgb led color like pink, orange ..
    And it work for me - do you heve latest firmware?

    did you do first disabling firmware blinking as mentioned in the first post?

  • @livius I am not sure I understand your answer? I know it is possible to change the color of the LED with the


    command, but as you can see in the traffic light example that is with


    My question/comment was that the heartbeat don't seem to work with other colors than blue.

  • @Lokefar
    look here

    this line
    disable default firmware programmed blinking


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