Alex's Corner - Week 2 - LoPy to LoPy (Raw LoRa)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I will be running the next webinar tomorrow (2pm GMT, Friday 17th of March) around the topic of LoRa to LoRa communication as I've been seeing a number of posts regarding confusion with how to do this!

    The format will be as following:

    • Introduction
    • Tutorial/Demo
    • Questions from Community

    We're trying out a new format for the webinar so please bear with us as these are subject to change until we have a format that works!

    Visit this link tomorrow at 2pm GMT to join in!



  • @bucknall I have watched the webinar and still have some problems with understanding how to send data between two Lopys. Should both of them be connected to a computer? If so do I need to use two computers to do that? How can I send the data without connecting Lopys to computer?
    I believe these are very easy questions but i am a begginer here...

  • Hi @rdixey,

    I believe we have two examples in the docs at the moment (confusingly) called Nano-Gateways. One is the Raw LoRa example that you have been using, the other is the LoRaWAN TTN example.

    I will be pushing some updates to the documentation this week that should make the LoRa examples more clear and am happy to take suggestions as to how best to do this!

    With that in mind, I will also be posting the agenda for Alex's Corner Week 3 today, which will cover the LoRaWAN Nano-Gateway example and how to connect it up to the TTN.

    Good point about the multithreading and callbacks, I will do a review of Daniel's code and help to explain what's taking place in the example code!


  • @bucknall I just viewed the webinar and found it informative. I'v got my Lopy's working in Raw LoRa mode with a Lora Node with sensors attached, linked to a Lora Nano Gateway. The Nano Gateway is linked via Wifi with socket connection to the Hivemq MQTT broker to publish the sensor data.

    I'm now ready to move on to LoraWAN mode but would appreciate some demo/tutorial to better understand the Python Examples published by Daniel. Unfortunately I am not located within range of an established TTN gateway. After reviewing the example Scripts I am unclear about the capabilities of the LoraWan Nano Gateway without a connection to TTN.

    1. Could this example code be used to connect the Node by either OTAA or ABP to the LoraWan Nano Gateway without the connection to a TTN gateway? I would like to at least utilize the Authentication between my node and Nano Gateway. Please demonstrate?
    2. Daniel points out that the example script uses multithreading and callbacks heavily. Please point out in the scrip where this is being accomplished so than I can learn from the example.

    Best Regards

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