Project Sync works once after flash reset

  • I updated my Atom plugin and my LoPy firmware to the lastest versions. The project sync command works only the "first time", then the sync process hangs forever like this:

    Syncing project (main folder)...

    Then I need to reset the board, restart Atom and format the flash memory to make the sync work again (for just one time!!)
    my project actually contains 15 files, 60kb total.

    Every new day there's a new problem, I can't lose my whole day just to sync my files on the board =(

  • @amartinez Good to hear!
    @Andrea-Filippini Can you confirm if your problem was also solved with v1.0.0?

  • Pybytes Beta

    @Ralph solved! Thank you. GJ

  • @amartinez This problem has been solved in 1.0.0. Feel free to update and let me know if your problem has disappeared.

  • Pybytes Beta

    I' ve also had this issue. Finally I' ve downgraded to PyMakr 0.93 plugin version and it works fine again.
    Please, fix this problem of the 0.94 version.

  • Hi @Andrea-Filippini

    Sorry that you're having these problems! @Ralph, who is working on the plugin, has asked the community to file a bug report on GitHub to help him pin-point and fix any of these issues.

    If you could open an issue on there and explain what the problem is, he will get around to addressing your issue as soon as possible!



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