Lopy: Files deleted after pushing reset button

  • Hey guys

    Oftentimes my LoPy resets its filesystem after pushing the reset button (no - P12 is not connected to 3,3V) ... What is the reason for this?


  • @bucknall I am able to corrupt the file system pretty easily. Running 1.7.6FW ATM. It seems to be when the program has a file open and an error occurs.

    What is the file system running on these boards? It doesn't appear to be a journaling file system. It is way too easy to corrupt the file system and have it erase the whole flash.

    I am developing a BT application that can update any file on the device and really need protection against this type of failure. I'm already doing a double buffer approach with the file writes so I have a good copy of the target file before deleting the original and renaming the file. The issue is resetting the board in the middle of a file write causes any manor of flash corruption. Before someone says "don't do that", I try very hard to design my system to recover from any type of errors. The cardinal rule is that there should be no way to brick a unit doing an update. To that end, I test every kind of failure during updates to make sure the device remains in a operating state.

  • @cylex said in Lopy: Files deleted after pushing reset button:
    I am also interested.
    But for me this happened only once for Wipy2 in the history and this was with firmware 1.6.12.b1 never in the past

    And when you mean oftentimes - what do you exactly mean?

    P.S. @bucknall - i only upload files by filezilla

  • I'm using Filezilla

  • @cylex How are you uploading your files to your LoPy?

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