Memory leak using timers

  • Hello,

    LOPY 1.7.9.b3.
    if you run the below code, you will see that after many loops it will raise "memory error". To reproduce in fastest way set SLEEP= 0.5. Same is with gc.enable().

    import gc
    import utime
    from machine import Timer
    class Object:
        def __init__(self, count=0):
            print ("Object INIT ", self)
            self._timer = Timer.Alarm(self._timerCallback, 0.5, periodic=False)
        def __del__(self):
            print ("Object DEL ", self)
        def _timerCallback(self, timer):    
            print("Timer finish " ,  self)
            del self._timer
            self._timer = None
    print("Start memory %s" %(gc.mem_free()))
    SLEEP = 1.5
    while True:
        obj = Object(100)
        print("\t\tmemory %s" %(gc.mem_free()))

  • The issue was posted on github.

  • @Colateral
    The most effective place to post bug reports is at

    The forum is mostly to discuss such bugs, since there's no issue tracking.

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