GPy pinouts

  • The GPy pinout show only three pins that are being used for the LTE NBIoT module - GPIO5, GPIO7, & GPIO19. These pins only cover LTE_Rx, LTE_WAKE & LTE_SLEEP functions. I assume there are other LTE connections such as LTE_Tx? If so, are these connected ESP32 pins not exposed on the pinout of the GPy module, or are there other pins which can not be used?
    This is important as I have a project which may migrate from LoPy4 to GPy for an NBIoT network trial, so I want to ensure my PCB is not using any GPIOs that are tied in with the LTE modem functionality .

  • Those pins are connected to the ESP32 but they are not available on the pin header, they are connected internally on the module.

    TX = GPIO23
    RTS = GPIO18

    I will get these added to the pinout diagrams

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