Pysense firmware?

  • Is Pysense firmware going to be released in the near future? It is a little frustrating to work with a black box. I think Pycom should release it the same way the development board firmware was released. It makes no sense the contrary.

  • Thanks very much. From my experience, it is like if some flag is not reset when you press the reset button or you call machine.reset().

  • Hi @juanma,
    Thanks for pointing out these scenarios, they have to be verified.
    The WAKE_REASON_PUSH_BUTTON is returned if Pysense Reset button is pressed.
    Another note is that after py.go_to_sleep(), the next python code is not executed; at wakeup, the micropython is reset.

  • Thanks for the answer.
    The only bug I have notticed is related with the wake_reason after py.go_to_sleep(). In this code:

    if py.get_wake_reason() == WAKE_REASON_TIMER:
        # some code
    elsif py.get_wake_reason() == WAKE_REASON_PUSH_BUTTON
        #some code
        #some code

    If the Lopy is reset inside deepsleep, the WAKE_REASON will be WAKE_REASON_TIMER. Am I doing something wrong? Should it not be a POWER_ON_RESET?
    Same happen if Lopy is reset inside the elsif code (WAKE_REASON_PUSH_BUTTON), but this time the wake reason is PUSH_BUTTON.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi,

    Open sourcing the Pysense/Pytrack firmware is something we are looking into but I am afraid I cannot provide an exact timeline. If there are any missing features that you require I can pass this on to the team.

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