File not uploaded to the board

  • Hello,

    I am having issues when uploading my code to the FiPy using the Atom terminal.

    I have a quite large number of files to upload, and when I upload the projet from a clean flash (or project.pymakr is not found), some of them are not copied.

    Here is the output when uploading the board:

    Reading file status
    Failed to read project status, uploading all files
    Creating dir loc
    [1/69] Writing file
    [61/69] Writing file loc/
    Upload done, resetting board...

    In the given example, files 62 - 69 are not copied.

    If I edit the missing file (by adding an empty line for example) and re-upload the project, the file is correclty copied.

    I am using the Atom addon (V1.3.3) and send it using the Serial connexion.

    Is there a solution to copy the missing files (other than editing and re-upload them).

    Thank's !

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