FiPy LTE-NB Problems SQN3330 Firmware Updater

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    It has been more than an hour and the dots just keep going.
    Is this normal?
    Yes, I updated to the latest stable firmware version as of current date/time before attempting this.

    I tried doing the SQNSUPGRADE with the following files in order:

    1. FIPY_GPY_CATM1_36417.dup --> Failed even with Resume=True
    2. FIPY_GPY_CATM1_33988.dup --> Failed even with Resume=True
    3. FIPY_GPY_NB1_37781.dup --> Managed to reach "Code download done, returning to user mode" but now have the infinite dots.

    Thank you.

  • Hi @sh4nnongoh,

    Please check this post for updates about the modem upgrades. Hope this helps!

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