How to add more than 1 Wifi Network to pybytes_config.json ?

  • What is the correct syntax to add more Wifi networks to pybytes_config.json ? I carefully checked the available documentation, but I could not fin a hint. Below is a sample file that is appearantly not working correctly. I would like to connect to the nwteork "wifi" first. If that is not available, I would like to connect to the network "wifi1". Has anybody come accross this isue yet and maybe already solved it ? I already tried adding multpile Wifi networks at and downloaded the resulting pybytes library. The json file always exclusively reflects the first Wifi network in the list.

    "network_preferences": [
    "device_id": "4914cf28-10d2-4c28-we4e-1cxf2e702bbc",
    "server": "",
    "pybytes_autostart": true,
    "username": "",
    "wlan_antenna": 0,
    "wifi": {
    "ssid": "my_first_ssid",
    "password": "123456789012345"
    "wifi1": {
    "ssid": "my_second_ssid",
    "password": "2345678901234567"
    "ota_server": {
    "port": 443,
    "domain": ""
    "cfg_msg": "Using configuration from config block, written with FW updater"

  • Hi @klaus,

    Currently, you can only configure one WiFi network, and save multiple in the Pybytes console.

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